How to make blocks slowly turn from colour to black and white?

In my game I need blocks to slowly turn black and white but I can’t understand the colour block please help someone?

You could use an ease from 1000 to 0 and hook it up to the red, green and blue inputs of a color block to turn it from white to black. To make it slower, hook the ease output into a timer which then hooks into a color block. The longer the timer is, the slower it will take but it would be less smooth.

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Thank you SO MUCH!!!

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Also how do I make it turn from colour to black and white like an old tv?

You could use animations to do that but I’m not so sure how to do that with an ease.

0 in the red, green, and blue result in the object being black… while connecting 255 to red, green, and blue result in the object being completely white.

Connecting 255 to just red (for example) and the object will be completely red. You could lower 255 to 100 to make a dark red, or you could hook another number into blue to mix colors. It’s a fun way to make things without using animations :slight_smile:

The blending behavior anticipates how the color is equipped to an object.

Do you mean greyscale?
You can put everything, or a specific object, in greyscale using the new Shader behavior (indie feature).

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