How to make constantly moving map

I want to make a constantly moving map like the game vector or jetpack joyride where the character stays in one place but it looks like the character is moving, while the map looks like its moving as well.

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anyway, there are plenty of tricks that you could do and also look at a few videos on youtube about these kind of tricks. I too use a trick in my endless runner game;

For more advance tricks, you would need to make a “background” objects to keep moving in 1 direction. After the object passes a point (either collision with an off-screen object or by extracting and using a filter) make the object teleport in back in front of the screen. Using 2 or 3 of these objects would make it seamless and endless.

When I say “Background”, I just mean a game world object with the layering under all your other objects. There is no behaviors you can edit for objects in the Background layer of Flowlab.