How to make Death Effects

Here is how: Make your character. Make your death animation. Make your deadly object. Go to behaviors. Add a message, name it “Start Animation”. Go to your players behaviors. Add a mailbox. Add animation. Connect the mailbox to animation. Set the mailbox to your player, and type “Start Animation”. Add your animation in the animation. Connect ‘done’ on animation to a timer. Set timer to 10 seconds. Connect timer to Next Level. Set next level to restart current. And that’s how to do it!

Actually we already had a tutorial for this as well, and you did it the hard way. The easiest way is to have player behaviors a collision list of things that are bad, all those connect to animation start, animation play connects to a sound, and animation end connects to destroyer/teleport/or level restart

Btw, there are over 20,000 games on this site, and grazer has a lot of example games. We are working on making a list of links.

I just wanted to make a tutorial… I will do this about something that they don’t know about!

That’s fine, but maybe wait til someone asks for help :slight_smile: