How To Make Ememies Spawn?

So I really dont know how to spawn ememies all i do is make the player dont see the ememies, which i put the ememies in another room and then everytime you kill an ememy the door will open and more ememies will come out… but I want to learn how to spawn them instead. Any suggestions?

You don’t have to specifically use this set up, all you have to do is extract the spawner’s x and y coordinates using an extractor behavior then output the x and y coordinates into a spawn behavior then boom you’re done


This should work, just change the coordinates to fit your game room in which you want them to spawn and take the timer out if you don’t want it.

Code here


Alright, am I pasting it wrong or something???

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Thanks for the help. I will try these methods


Mine is the best for randomly placed enemies but Yeetus’s is better for selected spawn points.


I also have a really simple spawn system I made for Halo: Flowlab Evolved. It’s in the Firefight levels.