How to make full game saves

Had this idea for a while, but if you had a save button that saves things like player position, abilities, enemy position, etc you could make full game saves. Just a thought though lol

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Not sure about the others but you could excract the players x and y and the save it, and soon make it loadable, sorry for the bad grammer

same with abilities .

also wouldnt be on the feature requests subject/catagory

Very possible

Here is a game I almost forgot about, lol. It’s not like a platformer or top down adventure game, but it’s a simple simulator in which demonstrates the saving behavior quite well. This game took a bit to figure out and it does save your progress on your account per device. I’ve used the same account and it resets on different devices, but it will save for accounts if you played it more than once on a single device.

Probably not what you’re looking for, but it’s about all I have.

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I remember it well lol.