How to make head and hand follow mouse

Im making minecraft but 2d and i want steves head and arm to follow my mouse on the screen accurately and i just need to know how i also want his hand to follow the dot on the side of the character (go into the game and look at the player sprite) so thats it

i also need a grid like system for placing blocks and thats it.

Can you post the game link?

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The example I gave you before should work the best for placing blocks. It was used to make this.

This might help for having the hand follow the mouse

here it is

really feel like we’re just making your game XD

no im just new1111111111

First off if you’re new probably don’t make a survival game, I made that mistake myself and got insanely frustrated.

2nd read this, Top 5 Mistakes Made by Indie Game Developers – Flowlab Blog

not trying to demotivate you just keep in mind you’re new and need to learn things first before you tackle a bigger game like Minecraft.