How to make it so your lock deletes when you reach the end of a level

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My messages aren’t working

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You can’t send messages between levels, it would send before the level is fully loaded.

You either need to make an object to “stay between levels” to remember the message and send when in the next level.

Or use a Save behavior as an on and off switch, this would keep them unlock even if you leave the game.

Thanks @“JR 01” , but what do you mean by, “stay between levels”?

When you edit an object, there is another tab that gives you more options.
The menu after clicking the object, you can change name, make solid, and behaviors.
at the bottom right of this menu, there is a tab that says “Physics”.
This tab gives access to display order, shared, and even keep between levels.

Keeping between levels is different to use and it cause duplicating objects, so its better used for objects outside the game and remember switches.

If you learn how to use saves, it’s overall easier to do. As well as making other things with saves like a shop and checkpoints.