How to make level switching games

im trying to make a game like the legend of Zelda 2. but when I try to send messages between levels it doesn’t work. I tried making things work so if you hit a particlar enemy you’d spawn in a certain spot in the other level. If anyone can help plz do.

It took me a long time to figure this out, but I use it in my game Little Shop of Horrace (Id share the link but Im on my phone). You have to use the save function. Save a number that corresponds to the location then read the save on the next level and what ever number is saved = spawn location.

here’s the link.

if you go down the alley from the store front you start at one side of the alley. if you go through the shop and out the back door, you start on the opposite side of the alley. I think I have the function pulled out in the LEVEL block.

I cant get it to work in mine though is their a simpler way of doing it

To use different levels to be at specific positions,
you’ll need a save to know or remember where to load to.

It could be easier just have the different area on the same map
and just change positions of the player.