How to make mobile controls SOLVED

Flowlab Game Creator - ErRor GAMe how do i do this for mobile

Ight, first you got to start with your left and right…

boi you legit took the code from default, lol. That’s okay, tho. I don’t care. Just as long as you don’t copy the whole damn thing.

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ok go on @hihilogic im here

im not your game is gooder im not going to take it i just need the music tho

  1. WAY BIGGER SPRITES! Ik, i’m bad with this. But it’s good for mobile
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You’ll have to ask bacon first…

no its really good i like it

No, I meant that I don’t make big sprites, lol. Anyways, here’s the coding for the left button.
Do the same thing in the right, but change “left” to “right”

Player code…

Replace the buttons with the messages, and delete that other stuff you had.

Okay, on to some more complex stuff…

wait but were do the mailbox go?to?

Just look at your code.
Ight. Put this in left, copy it to right.

so it dont send a messege to the player?

Nah, I wuz giving you new info up there. The messages in the mobile controls are sent to the player. Who else? :slight_smile:

I can DM you a run down of all these blocks if you want.

sure you can im really trying to make it like a game of forgot

wait so i use this and


Don’t use the second part FOR NOW. Go into the player run jump and anim. Go to the key press. Replace the left with a mailbox saying Left, and the right with a mailbox saying Right. Your code should look like this:

what about the jump button?