How to make multiplayer game with a free user acc? (SOLVED)

I cant buy indie yet and is trying to figure a way to add multiplayer to my horror game that I am making. There there a way to do his for free users

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No, unless you mean local multiplayer (two or more people on the same device, which can be done by making two+ separate player objects with different buttons for the same actions). Online multiplayer requires the money Indie subscribers give to grazer to host the online servers.


Hm I see ok. I was hoping that their will be a way to code multiplayer for free users. Thank you for the imformation John.


You’re welcome!


Something to note, flowlab is very buggy when pressing multiple keys at the same time (This may only be inside of the same object, when this happened to me it seems like you can only click 2 buttons at once. If you do more than that it could bug and not register your click)