How to make my camera zoom in?

Hello everyone. I am planning on making a big map. I cannot see any options for camera settings. How would I go about making the camera follow the player?

Screenshot 2020-07-11 at 9.21.15 PM

Most of the basic platformer information for beginners can be found in my example game here! If you need any more help, such as top-down or GUI, let me know.

Thank you again Meberningslime. Could you help me out with something else? For some reason, my grid is a lot bigger than a game I was looking at. This game has a giant mech and I would like to figure out how the creator made it take up so much space. When I went to the sprite there was far more definition in their grid compared to mine. How do I make my characters big? I tried looking at the “scale” node but the wiki said it cannot be scaled past 100% because of graphic issues. So what he must have done was somehow make the sprite bigger by letting the engine know somehow, that he wanted it to take up more room.

Thebriccentric is a fairly new but talented user. To make larger objects, go to the sprite editor and press the highlighted button. Two scrub bars should appear on the bottom. One controls X length, while the other controls the Y height.