how to make positioning system?

i want to make a positioning system like in Mario kart for my game, like during the game

Ah, so like a ranking system. Could you leave a link to the game?
You could make a leader board object to keep track of all the racers, and use checkpoints to find the positions

This would be easier than you think with this type of race, you just need to know who is further on the X values. So try making an object in the ui layer (off screen) and have all the racers message “This X” from the extractor and set it to the UI object. Now the new UI object (lets call it leaderboard) will get a message from each racer and see who is in first place.

There are 2 types of ranking (overall and current place), the code below was me trying to figure out how to now what current place your in.


this is blurry but Thanks!

could u maybe make an example?

sry i cant c

Here’s that Example, ps; I put the same system in a seperate object for ya.

Race Positioning System1:

okay Thanks!!

u have been such a great help!

Its only doing the last 3 places because you set everything in 1 calculator.
If you look at the object I made for you (or the object you copied below your leader board object, you see I have multiple calculators with a+b before going to the last calculator for Math.abs((a+b)-11).

okay ill change it


Here’s the basic idea of the math:

If there are 4 contestants,