How to make random generation with caves

in 2d too,the name explains the rest.

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if you need us to do all of the coding for you, or you can’t even grasp how to code something, i’d recommend building skill in other things before you start a massive project you have no idea how to do.

i can code…but not well…I have seen no examles…

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if you can’t code well enough to even grasp the idea of something (the code for it) then you should do other stuff you can to practice and understand how to code better

if you really want to do it you need to understand procedural generation
this should help Procedural generation - Wikipedia.

Imma go look for a example

i don’t think you get it. you aren’t going to find terrain generation exactly like you want. each type is built for specific games with specific code.

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yup, just found that out the hard way