How to make rpg swords

How do i make rpg swords the tutorials arent working plz help i 10 yrs old and i confuse


Pls i give link to test

Ok, here we go.
Use a trigger, like a keyboard button, and set it to spacebar. Next, make an emitter that emits a sword. Make sure the sword is mobile and does not get affected by gravity. Finally, if you want you can make an animation.
Here is an introduction to REAL swords.

Ok but how can I make it so it has an induvidual animation for the way im facing?

Side Scroller mode:
It should do that by itself. If not, leave a link and I will show you what is wrong.

Top-Down Mode:
You need to have every movement button give a new angle via a number block to the emmiter, which should have ‘independent angles’ on.

Terraria/Sandbox/Large Game:
Make it just like how you did with top down, only the down adds an up angle so you don’t have to jump evry time you want to shoot upwards.

Ever since i finished the game pretty muchbturnedbit self to that one john wick meme where they stretch him out just except the game freezes and if I
pressed edit on a sprite before it shows up when I play test SO THE GAME IS NOW DEAD WE SHALL MEME ON IT AND MOURN ITS LOSS BY DEFAULT DANCING ON ITS GRAVE

it a terrible glitch i had to delete the game

Have you checked this example from the Help page?
Sword Example 2 - By: grazer

Either grazers hacking or im crazy because you cant link behavior bundles to numbers

yes you can

yes you can. Wait for the color to be red or green before letting go wit the mouse.


you’re welcome

How you do that on mobile

Ipad or phone?
For the phone, you cannot.
For the Ipad, drag and drop.

Phone sorry for wasting your time

Use a pc or mac.

im on pc what do i do and if i wasnt clear for whatever reason i meant like those white strands sorry for any possible confusion but how do you connect the white strands to the behavior bundles

new input, new output