How to make something follow?

In my game (top-down shooter) there are 3 other survivors and i want to make it so that they follow me and when i stop they stop.

can someone help me? help me plz

is anyone going to help?

Could u maybe give an example @grazer

There are already examples of this in the Help Page - Examples:

Enemy Chase 1:
By grazer

Enemy Chase 2:
By grazer

Homing Missile Example:
By JR01

Chase Example:
By JR01

thanks @PixelPizza but these don’t really help with my game:

The first example/link I sent is exactly what you need.
Make sure you copy it precisely.


I think the best way is to do similar (but not the same) as my Chase Example, where I use 2 objects.
But I see you have limited amount to objects to make so here is an alternative:

  • Uncheck proximity of only once
  • Make another Proximity set to player but with a range of 100.
  • Other X & Y is the Player


does this make the other 3 cpu’s follow me? @“JR 01”

yes, and stop when they get close to you.

so just insert it into each cpu? @“JR 01”


okay Thank You!


you have to put the type and name in too
Type - Player
Object - Object 3

edot: ok

okay and the cpu not following me @“JR 01”

  1. The Proxomities are the same;
    set the top one to a big number (900) and the bottom to small number (100).
    Uncheck “contains targets completely”.

2.The Expressions are (A-B), not (A+B)


but how do i make them rotate based on where I’m at? @“JR 01”