How to make Terraria-Like block destruction and placing?

I wanna make a new terraria-like game called C-17. its gonna be like terraria, but the swords are replaced with knives, and there is going to be no magical weapons. @jngthree @Grazer
BTW I would rlly like some mouseclicking abilities just like terraria, like when you mouse click with a knife, it stabs for, say, 1.5 seconds, then goes away, but that only happens when you have the sword in your hand.
Also i want to make a number system like Minecraft where when you press 1, the 1st item in your inv appears in your hand.
And An inventory would also help a lot. Thanks!

And it is gonna be like an open world game.

but still like half terraria and half Zelda

nvm on the half zelda, i was gonna do it but i decided not to.

oh well…

Nice ideia but impossible with flowlab… The hotbars slot its easy to do just need animations … The inventory its impossible

it is? Oh man that sux…

its not impossible just difficult

Very difficult… Usually I take 5 days to make a nice game… Maybe this game type take a month or more


i dont care, ill try…

OK good luck

Im hoping The game

accully you can use an invintory.
just not in the way you want.

Just to go and make a 3d or any game!!

Ok, JNGThree, i could use some help… teach me please?

go to
Vs 2 has the inventory, check and see if you want that kind

Did you ever finish?

I’d want to see the game