How to make text.

I am still working on my RPG type game but now I need to know how to make text. I want to have the text pop up relative to the bottom of the players screen. I have tried a few things but it has not worked.
If anyone can help then i will be thankful. Thanks.

go down to GIU label in the behaviors and ether use The Alert Behavior or the Label Behavior and use alpha to change it

Would that make the text always at the bottom of the players screen or only where it was placed?

Oh I see what you are saying… That would work but I am trying to have a Text that i am currently making to show up on the screen.

The label behavior is what youre looking for


This is an older example that could probably be improved, but does this example help?

wow I didn’t think it could be taken that far

Thank you so much, this really helps.