How to make the bad guys fight when they see the player?

Flowlab Game Creator - something amazing ok so i want to make the bad guys come running to the player when they see him how to do that?

Watch this


^ The Blue Slime in the video is what you’re looking for I believe ^

oh ok cool thx @DinoDev and @Agent_Y

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You could try the Raycast behavior, Proximity behavior, or the Distance bundle.

i did wait… you a flojam 20 spring 20 summer?

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yes i know we vote for the winner but grazer is the one who gives out the prices and titles on the forums

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wait you have to vote for the winner?

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when the jam is taking place, yes, the community votes for the winner.

wait so it choose the peorson thats not the community?

what? NO

the community votes for the winner, you’re confused as hell right now lol

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