how to make the screen fit any size device for my users

hi my name is justin im haveing a bit of trouble my users are asking me if i can make it fit to there device screen but they all have different devices @grazer please help

Hey @jt112211 - are you exporting an app? If so, which platform(s)?

thankyou @grazer for your response yes I am exporting an app for andoid users on google play store

@grazer ?

There is no actual way to make it automatically fit their devices the only way to do this atm is by making a clone of your game and making the clone have the different dimensions.

Hey @jt112211 & @TheForgotten - the current behavior should be that the game is shrunk to fit the screen size, and if the aspect ratio does not match, then there will be a black bar on the sides that do not fit tightly.

I know there have been some cases identified in the last couple of weeks where at least the Samsung A20 doesn’t appear to be resizing correctly to fit the screen. Do you know what device is misbehaving?

@jt112211 & @TheForgotten - I deployed a fix for the exporter yesterday that resolves an issue with mobile screen size scaling. If you try exporting again it should work much better.

@grazer It could be really useful to put the dimensions of the different devices on the export screen so we don’t have to guess and check on that :sweat_smile:

Hey @TheForgotten there are hundreds (at least) different device screen resolutions, too many to list. The good news is that the game should be automatically scaling to fit.