How to pick up player

i need it so if i click the player it starts moving with the mouse

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just press @ and then type: CodeAlpaca. that will ping him

wait i can do that myself

@CodeAlpaca Vaprzz needs help!

I know they need help, but I don’t feel like its right to ping CodeAlpaca unless he already took notice.

Just because they helped you once, doesn’t mean you should continue to ping them for everything you need, since they probably have better things to do.

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Can’t you just make it so when you mouse click on the player, it will turn the switches on that allows the outputs from the mouse move to connect with the position behavior?


oh i diddnt know also what

why are you acting like i know everything

see i didnt know sherlock

Well I was explaining that you could use the same example you asked earlier about having something linked to the mouse move, but you add switches for both X and Y output of the mouse move and into the X and Y of the position behavior.

Then you have mouse click that turns the switches on, to allow the player to be positioned where the mouse is at.

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theres no input
Screenshot 2022-04-22 7.14.43 PM

It was this. I was saying, you could just add switches for both X and Y outputs and have the mouse click behavior (on the player) turn them on.

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The X and Y dots are called outputs, not inputs. There’s no inputs for any trigger behaviors except the timer.

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i only ping CodeAlpaca when i need his help and when someone wants his help not for anything

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player still has gravity so hes falling while teleporting back

then turn off gravity

i cant its a sidscroller so he’ll just fly

you can turn off gravity with “Enable”, but the player no longer has collisions.

enable? where is that idk what it is