How to put your character on a different level!

I’m trying to make another level but I can’t seem to find out how to put him on the next level. HELP!

Library > Your player object > Add to level

Your player object > Properties > Keep between levels
If you use next level behavior to load next level and use this to keep your character between levels your player will be in next level too

@olcayolcayolcay2 Was that the question?

My answer is true, like your answer. @Latif3

@olcayolcayolcay as true as that answer is, it is very inefficient, because if you have a title screen and you go back to that particular level, the character shows up. Not only that, but the position of the character stays the same, making you have to start the level where the previous level ended

So in conclusion, @Latif3 your solution is in fact way more effective

Latif3’s strategy applies for everything, also, such as the blocks and all. Olcay’s method might work out for the player, but not really for other things. Just sayin’