How to randomize objects dropped from top of screen?

I am trying to create a level where words drop from the top of the screen. The player has to collect words that are synonyms of the target word for the level. I tried to use the basic set up of the sample Morton the Monkey game (, but I’d like the dropped objects to randomly cycle through a certain number of different words, not just drop the same object every time. I tried creating an animation and setting up a timer with a “random” operator to randomly “go to” a frame of the animation, but then it changes the word mid-drop (and doesn’t seem to always work correctly), and I’d like a different word to drop each time and stay that particular word the whole time it’s dropping.

Here is my game for reference, and I’m referring to the third level (Bonus Level): . In this particular case, the target word is “great,” and so I’d like different synonyms for “great” to randomly drop from the top of the screen (good, fantastic, awesome, terrific, etc.) I will also be setting up this same type of thing for “incorrect” words once I figure out how to do this. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I changed it up to use messages/mailboxes instead of a timer… it still seems to switch mid-drop sometimes though.