How to Rotate my Space ship sprite

Game Link: Flowlab Game
Hi, my problem here is at an space level that I tryna make, at this level I wanna make the sprite look at the forward direction, I mean if i press right my sprite is gonna look at that direction and same with others sides (Left, up, down). Someone knows how i can fix this, I try putting and rotation behavior nected on numeral 90 conected to flip but doesnt work.

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Can you send a screenshot? I cannot find the sprite you need help with.

Is this around what you want?

Yes thats is…! thank you Im going to look at and if i have a question a reply to you.

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The rotation part is in the “rotation” bundle, the movement is a “top down movement” bundle, if you don’t want that, and you have your own movement system, just use the rotation bundle.

Also, do you want the inbetween angles? Does your character have diagonal movement? I can add diagonal angles too.

yes, have diagonal movement, Its a made key combination imput? then this nected to a angle?

Hey, I added another player object, this one has diagonals too. I recomend just using my bundle for movement too, since I see SO many movement bundles where diagonal movement is faster than top down.

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yas works very smooth, thank you so much

solutions pls

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Hrmph. People keep stealing my Solutions.

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