How to round a number

What is the expression to round a number?

you can use a number behavior to round

Also if you only want to round to a decimal multiply by a number (like 1000) in expression then put it through the number to round and then divide by the same number

@JR_01 Ik you’ve helped with rounding before it’s just that the expression help page doesn’t show the thing to round

I have more expression variables in my Bundle Library.

@DraftyScienceCoat75 is also right that you can use the number behaviors for rounding too.
For rounding specific places, it would be easier to do it by controlling the decimal places.

1178 / 100 = 11.78
round(11.78) = 12
12*100 = 1200
1178 rounded to 1200


:0 I didn’t know that existed

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