How to save characters throughout levels

i dont know to save a character choice thru to another level plz help

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What do you need saving?

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i dont know how to have the player select a character and then play as said character can u help?

There is an option for saving the entire Character throughout levels, but it’s very janky. I recommend using the save block on stats you need to keep between levels.

ok but how do i do that

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Have a button pressed that saves a save block to a specific number. Have another block test for what number it is and do different things in accordance to what number.

You could use the save behavior so when you select a character it will add a certain number to the save and on the next level it will automatically read it and then it will go inter filters depending on how many characters you have. Then when the number is selected it can send a message to the character to have an animation, or it just spawns.
But here is an example that grazer made that explains it a little more clearly.

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So button sets save to 1
On the level:
Spawner tests if number of save is 1 and if it is, it spawns a player

The simplest way to save the choice is probably to store it in a Global block. This value can be then be accessed from any other object in any level.