How to spawn falling enemys at a random X posistion while having only one enemy at a time

I am trying to make a game where the player has to dodge falling projectiles that spawn at a random horizonal point however if I only spawn one projectile at a time it limits it to one position but if I am able to spawn it in random positions it spawns to many and crashes my computer please help I have been trying to do this for around a month now

You want to use a random block set between the area you want. For a screen size 10x10, you can set the random to 0 to 320. If it is crashing, could you send a link to the game? And then we can take a look at it.

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Try this

It is working but also spawns lots in the very left of the screen do you know how to fix this?

This is only because you have a spawn behavior inside the spawned object.
I suggest removing that and making the spawner timer smaller if you want it to spawn faster.

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Thanks you so much it works now

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