how to switch the character?

i need help to switch charecter do you know how i do that?

the game link

Please be more specific…

Do you mean the player?, objects?, controls??

Also leave a link to your game when you need help.

JR 01@ i dont know how to switch the charecter can you tell me how i do that?

If you change ANY characters and want to keep it, you need to know how the Save behavior works.

I have a shop example you can look at, but you need a save to know what character to use.
You can also do this in many different ways other than a shop, so what I meant to ask is;
how do you want to change characters?

Saves works like;
If Save = 2, spawn the first character.
If Save = 3, Spawn the other character.

Shop example:

@“JR 01” 01 I mean to change the first into the second character

I mean how do you want to switch the characters in game…
Have you tried using animations to switch character?

Are you saying you want a Selection Screen like a Shop?
Or like you click a button in the game and it switches characters?

@“Johnny boy” yeah like that

Hi, did you know that…
There is a help page…

With really helpful examples
With tons of examples that can help you right at the moment without having to wait for answers on the forums.

With a specific example game
that shows you how to do exactly what you want…


Hate to say @PixelPizza , “keep between levels” example is kinda outdated now and insufficient used on the player.

If you still can’t figure out how to switch characters @“Joshua Caminero”, then this is the simplest thing I can give you. If you go in the sprite editor and click on animation, make a new animation and put the other character in there. In the Behavior, use a button -> animation and stop it if you want the first character.

@JR 01 ok thank for the help