How to upload characters?

I am trying too make a game based on my book. I have characters saved. But when I try too upload one, it wont show :frowning:

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Hey Mark,

What size are the images? If you are using a the default object size of 32 x 32 pixels, then try using a 32 pixel by 32 pixel image and see if that works properly.

Also, .png files work best, since they can have transparency.

I have big issues importing bigger images than 32x32 pixel in the Game World layer, I was able to change the size of uploaded image under Background layer, since clearly you have the set size options when you create a new object on the Background layer.
How can we change the size of the *.png (sprite) in the Game World layer to be bigger than 32x32 pixels ??? The game Spider Splat! (by muddyapples) clearly demonstrate that is possible.
Thanks! for any helpโ€ฆ

OK, I found it finally. Here is how is done
On the Game World layer follow this steps:
1-Click on screen to place your sprite (character, object, image, etc.)
2-Click Create
3-On the opened window (New Game Object) on the bottom Right click PROPERTIES
4-under Properties you have (width & height) rulers, drag to increase the size

Remember that the size increment is 32x32 pixels.