how to upload games to iOS app store

Hey i made a game and i have the indie membership how to i upload a game to the iOS app store? I am wondering if it is possible and how?

You buy a developer membership from apple
Upload the game to xcode on a Mac OSX
Then log into iTunes once you have your developer membership
Upload the game you made

Ok thanks i am working on it!

Never mind… Developer Membership costs 99 dollars per month

I suppose that may be a typo, but just to clarify: the Apple Developer license costs $99 per year for an individual.

Too bad you don’t have a jailbroken iOS device. I do, but I don’t have xcode.
There’s an app installer that can install any app, even iPad apps.

cool thanks that helps me

Are there any real games made with this?

@BlueBot1 look at the date. if you really want to know this open a new discussion