How to Upload to Itch (HTML)

With the new Flowjam being hosted on Grazer updated the the process so it’s easier to export to However, you probably don’t know how to do it so this is a set by step guide on what you’ll need to do.

First click the “Share” button (the purple arrow)

Then this should pop up, you’ll see a “Download” button, click that and download the file. You’ll name the file, so I’m just gonna label it GoF HTML. Also keep a note that the game is 1024x576 pixels.

Next open up and go to your profile (if you don’t have one, you’ll need to create one. It’s very easy to do, just the same as a Flowlab account basically). Click the "Dashboard’ Button on the top left.

Now you’ll be taken here, click the red “Create New Project” button

See the option outlined, it will by default be set to “Download.” Change it to “HTML
Here you can also upload a thumbnail, screenshot, description, tags, etc.

Scroll down and click “Upload Files.” Then search for the game file you just downloaded and add it
(as stated earlier, I titled mine “Gof HTML”)

Once it’s added, make sure to click “This file will be played in the browser

Then, scroll down a little more and enter in those game dimensions from earlier when you were exporting the game (1024x576 in this case)
Click “Save” in the top right and you should be done! Goodluck with your game everyone!


Very useful, thanks for taking time to make this!


This is super helpful, thanks! :smiley: