How to use coins for purchase? Help please
I have a coin system in “alien”. Coin system is in “Bundle 150” with my purchase system. My purchase system isn’t working.
Note: Coin and store can be found in level Bank, which is you can enter when you collision a bank’s doors in play mode.
Note 2: Sorry for my bad english.

@Luminous700 ? @jngthree ?

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Here’s what I know:
when the player collides with a coin, destroy it. For the player:
Collision (coin)- Number (1) + with another Number (0) - label or bar, whatever you want.
When it filters equal to or more than the amount needed to buy an item, send a message to the item.
For the item, when it receives the mail in the mailbox that’s needed to turn the switch on, when you click it make it send a message to the player and disappear.
When the player gets the message… that part’s up to you.
But I’ve only been here for 2 months and jngthree or Mhx Air might have better solutions… IDK
Also, why not ask Latif3 or grazer. They’re both really experienced (especially grazer) I think grazer has an example in his profile.

I’m not home, so I can’t see your problem, but an easy functioning store system works like this.

Player, collision, coin, (coin message counter GUI number +1) coin=destroy.

If you have a click to purchase, and something is 100 coins:

Store: Click down, (in) on/off
Number (of coin counter, could use a message to transfer number) to filter = greater than 99, (on) on/off
(out) (use whatever your store item is, message your player if it’s a power up or something.) (message coin counter) number -100 (+) number (of total coins, so it only subtracts 100 coins if you have more than 100)

The way I typed this may seem confusing if you don’t understand Flowlab, but maybe someone can make a picture tutorial. I know I have an example game somewhere. I’ll try to find it.

Here, I made this a couple years ago, I think.
You collect coins, and the hat unlocks, you click the hat to give the fly a hat, then use spacebar to shoot tiny flies at the ball. The ball explodes, then it gets fun.

Thanks @Mhx ir and @Luminous700 I don’t know Luminous700, I think you can help me, and you did, thank you too :slight_smile:

And @Latif3 , can I forget you? :wink: