How to use switch feature?

Im trying to make a pause button

Well for what i do I would make a sprite in interface and draw a pause button, then if you clicked it it would pause your screen? I really dont know not a expert… :frowning:

Just use a toggle switch. You could just use two switches, and since they are in my words a fundamental of code you literally need them for nearly everything. An if statement in code is a switch, an else statement is a switch, and I can’t even describe all of the switch-like things in code.

so its the easiest code ever and most needed?

It’s just a lock, if it’s off nothing can pass through if it’s on the output will work
it’s nearly impossible to code most things without them

may u show a pause code

hit the don’t pause this object option and make sure the object is a control system object meant for fullscreen, pausing, etc

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it aint work but thx

yes it does. show me your code


that doesn’t give me anything, make sure you are pasting it in correctly

isnt thatthe code u can export it

but fine here you go

what object is it in

the player object thing

i said put it in an object to represent a control system, make a new object and put it in there, as well as make it don’t pause for this object since you probably didn’t do that either

ok thanks now its solutioned already so salute ima mark this as finished