How to

I have issue after upload my game, I already test it but when I upload it on Google Play I can’t move my player on Android screen.
Is there any plugin that I miss?

@grazer, could this be some sort of bug?

do you have mobile controls made on your game?

@F3Art can you please tell me how, thanks

Did you play the game on your phone before?

I play it on my computer and it work, but it doesn’t work on the phone

Mobile controls have to be made fully with mouse clicks. They register as touches on mobile. You can find some examples of this in the help section

Basically you need to use mouse clicks on specific ui objects to send a messages telling the character in which direction to move

Id suggest making the buttons at 50% alpha so more of your game is visible

As there is no keyboard on mobile, any key presses wont trigger

any help on how to make my player playable on mobile devices?

@C4ntikF4m make buttons that send messages to the player to move. Make sure the “up” stops the player from moving!

@C4ntikF4m check the help section
I pulled off some simple ones but I’m definitely not an expert