How would I make a checkpoint for this game?

Thank JR_01 Whenever you can.

It didn’t work :frowning:

Did you get the code from the checkpoint and the player?

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Bur in my game the checkpoint is not for when you die. It’s for where you spawn after a battle.

oh thats esier than what i was going to tell you just make a object and after the battle use its x and y position as yours to teleport to it

Okay. Thanks!

How do I do that?

after the battle send a message to the player then connect that to an extactor for the x and y of that object then set that to positions x and y

Thank you!

@ZoeCannon:) if its in a different levle it wont work


You could use a save @ZoeCannon:),
If you use a save, you can remember where the player was. Instead of a Once, I used a Mailbox below, so messing the player in Level 2 will make it go to its last location. This way the player wont be somewhere else when in Level 1 Laboratory.



Just something in Level 2 to tell the player to look at Checkpoint:

And if when you want to reset the checkpoints (like end of the level or something):

Thank you!!!

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