How would you make an AI that would walk around the screen organically?

I’m trying to make a horror game and there’s a creature that will walk around. I’m not sure how I can make it move around randomly though. Please reply if you know how.

use the random behavior

That isn’t really helpful…
Maybe @JR01 can help you.

Maybe you could be a little more detailed.

When you use the random behavior, you need to select the range that random is selected. For example you get a new number between 0 and 320.

The range needs to be where they can move where you want it on screen by using a random number for the X and Y.

The best way to do something like this is to use 2 randoms behaviors going into an Ease behavior for x.
Do this for Y also, and make both Ease go into the Position behavior for x and y.


ok (202020202020200202022020)

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Okay thank you so much!