Hey, Sonic71112 Love the game! But, I found out that your game has a slight problem, when you are in bowsers castle, where the first platform with the lava coming back and forth, you can not jump that far, could you please fix that? Thanks! Otherwise, I give the game a 5 star rating and I love that it is multiplayer!
One more thing, when you press ctrl, you also throw the fireballs, I like that, but it also has a glitch. You just keep walking.
Please fix that! But it is a really good game! Love it! Thanks so much!
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Its Awesome!!! I Can’t Beat It Tho :sob:.I Really Liked The Log Part Where You Push The Logs Over The Spikes So You Can Jump On Them To Get Across Its So Cool :smile:

Good Job Sonic71112!!!

I like the Artstyle, though some of the blocks dont match it, but overall good!