Hyper survival- corruption in 3D?!?

So, a lot of people like hyper survival. And so that made me think. What about a game of hyper survival where you traverse within 3 dimensions?

Im not going to use flowlab with this (unless @grazer has a v3 with a third dimension/ Z axis)

Im not expecting this to be as good as the original game, but things may change… And who knows? Maybe it will work!!

3D? Can you make 3D games? So you mean 3D like minecraft or GTA?! You?! 3D??!! What! O_O

Minecraft 3d

:-c i use gamemaker sometimes

Think of the game, but every pixel is a cube, and 3 dimentions

You’re making me anxious!


Ive been working on the character model… And its not working too well

I need textures

Update on the model

Yes its not all pixely… But that is later


Looks ugly 8))))))

sounds cool

SHATTT APPPP @Latif3. Dont you know theres no such thing as a barber shop!!

(Where he lives at least

This time he is all pixelated

Didnt add the eyes yet, thats the hard part


Hes wearing a hoodie


Im starting to think it maybe third person view??
But first person seems better

He looks kind of like Kenny from South park. (no offense) I? goin down to the island down to the island gonna see if I can survive dangerous stuff everywhere humble folks without temptation. Okay I? done but this looks really cool still I’m excited to see where it goes, just 2 questions: 1 will the game be free? 2. What engine are you using? Might I suggest unreal 4 it’s pretty nice. Have a good day.

Okay!! None taken, and the game will be free to anyone on flowlab whos requested it.

Game maker studio is what im planning to use, because i do not have any funding, i believe unreal engine may not be the best choise.

HOWEVER, my friend is good with coding OS, which is pretty impressive

Not to be nitpicky, but most character models I see are at a T-pose. Like this
I think they do this to make animating easier or something, I don’t know.