"Hyper survival- corruption"now work in progress

Even though hyper survival isn’t finished… I wanted to go ahead and start on the sequel. Here are the differences.
Not all of these are in the game as we speak, and falling out of the map is possible.
*Will have a massive map consisting of 8 biomes (not including the corrupt biome)
*Deeper world (if you exceed the limit you teleport to the sky, then fall back to the surface
*Better physics such as water
*instead of having an object that you can go over to get out of the map, if character goes far enough to the point where it no longer scrolls, you simply go back one tile
*bigger tile variety (sand, cacti, plants, crops, and more.
*character gains speed the longer he runs, and there is no speed limit (take that sonic!)
*NPCs, each of them will fight for you
*you can jump 1.2 tiles high rather than a solid 1
* this helps with running and reduces risk of slowing down
*grass is no longer a separate tile (will change when hit box editor is added to flowlab)

the game is here http://flowlab.io/game/play/267146

You think you could send me what you have done with the original hyper survival? I would like to see a more complete version.

There’s a link in one of my older posts

I will need ideas for biomes I will do the desert. I have the corruption, hills, and plains.
But the main thing I want is something completely new…


What about a land that is amazing and beautiful on the surface, but if you dig deeper it turns into this hellish area where you almost certainly will not survive?

Also, your link is just bringing up a 404 page for me. Do you think that maybe you could send the raw flowlab link?

There will be an underworld, but there’s a twist… The farther you go, the closer it gets to the surface, until it completely replaces the terrain…

You will be able to throw fireballs, shoot arrows, build and fly soon

+added the crosshairs… You can currently use them to double jump. I added some more color so it’s easier to find if you should lose it. Like the last one this will be the base of your actions like shooting and placing blocks

I’m going to leave the future of the game to your suggestions- as well as keeping the game original and making it similar to the first game. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Hey, i really like what you did with the cursor, any way to make it when you have your cursor on a certain object, and press a button, it will destroy the object, activate it, etc. ?


@Tommyx2x14 the mouse is supposed to be used for that…
I’m going to make a little icon that will fallow the mouse that will clarify its purpose

I believe I can touch the sky

Dear @jngthree
I looked at your previous game, “Hyper Survival” and I learned what the mouse was for, but thank you for responding, at the very least.
Enclosed is a link to one of my previous topics, “Announcement: C-17 Is Finished!”. I assume you have not seen it yet. I used the same gameplay as you did when you made “Hyper Survival”

                                                                                                    Warm Regards,

@Tommyx2x14 I saw it and I have to say; you did really good getting it close! Amazing job! I hope you keep up the good work!

The game is coming along really well… I have a new health bar, so the corner of the screen isn’t taken up… And it’s looking good!

Added a desert, complete with sand and a cactus… Its pretty small but the sand for some reason is unstable… And the game will lag out if i make it update its position too much… The sand is weird because of a special thing i did… It falls! And its the reason your village there is a ghost town. The cactus will make you lose your life if touched…

@jngthree thanks man, the game is really based off of Hyper Survival though!

Added the classic shadow from some of my games to the enemies list… It spawns randomly off screen in multiples of 3 but they do spawn inside blocks so heads up. I haven’t added the damage factor yet but they can get pretty annoying