Hyper survival corruption

The game is now in BETA!
try it!!
Here are some new things added!
Changing respawn point! Press Z to SAVE your current location, but at the moment the cursor does not teleport back to you
The old hyper survival was renamed to “builder mode”

Here are some updates that may take place later
-curser teleporting to SAVED spawn points
-blocks that take time to destroy (like builder mode)
-more enemies and passives
-hunger (+crops and food)
-possibly multiplayer?
-may make the controls the same to builder mode but keep the action keys
-extending the map
-an experimental world thats randomly generated

Thats all

Now this one is for you so i hope you have your keyboard!

What would you like to see added to make this game 5 star?

-super form from builder mode?
-maybe pets?
-a boomerang
-whatever you’d like!

Update! The target now saves along with the spawn save, the hunger bonus has been added , and a New action key! Press F to mine and find potential seeds in grass and replenish the meter!

This game is one of my personal bests

You can also mute the BGM press M!