I am having problems with the wire task demo

A majority of the time, the Among Us Wire demo spawns in with 2 pink wires, maybe even 3! I would like it if someone could solve the problem.
Here is the game: Flowlab Game Creator - Tasks


A second problem I am having is that I want the wires to extend the more further my cursor goes.

This could be why there are several pink wires:

unknown_2021.06.02-12.49 (2)

For extending the wire, try using the X input for the size behavior.
Find the distance from the starting point and where the mouse is and then use that center to place, stretch and rotate the wire.


I fixed the pink wire problem, but I would like a demonstration for my second problem.

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I don’t like giving away answers so easily, but here’s an example that could be learned from Tinkersmith.
Flowlab Game Creator - Vector Length

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Ok, while I fixed the pink wire problem, another problem occurred. That some of the wires would overlap each other.