I am making a boss

I am making a boss but i want a glitchy-kind of apearance, is there a certain combination of blocks that could make him have the apearance of grey-black- and white glitchyness?

what do you want your boss to exactly look like

flowlab.io/game/view/1509667 look for the one named “Reality Glitch” I want it to look like that but with the description i had above, check out its animations too.

How about this…


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that is pretty close, but it wont work for me if its a animation.

What about using a combination of the color change block and alpha block?

i guess it depends on the right combination, what do you have in mind, i would like a screen shot

You could try something like this, but I think the animation will give you the best looking effect.


issue is it already has animations, but that should work, do you have a link to this?

No, I did it in your game so couldn’t save it. The main timer is set to 15 and the others are set to 1.

ok thank yousssssssssssssssss

did you make that character yourself?