I am not sure how to do this

As some of you may know, I went through a small struggle to export my game to PC. I am a little unsure where it gets exported, and how I can play it for myself. Even better, how do other people play it?

share the file with them if you want them to play it, once its done exporting I believe it will either start downloading to your device automatically or you’ll click on it when its done and then download it.

Has the export finished yet @sans7657?
When its finished, reload “my games” and your should see a download button next to the game.

The download is a zip folder that you can send to sites for downloads, or to friends, and you can play it by unzipping the file (uncompress the file) and click on the game name (.exe).

If your still waiting, the export may have got stuck again. Let Grazer know when it takes a long time to export your game.

@sans7657 - @JR01’s description is correct, although you no longer need to reload the page, the loading spinner should become a button that says “PC Ready” for PC, “Android Ready” for Android, etc.

If you have any trouble running the exported app let me know, the server has been having a lot of trouble this week. In fact, the problems that you have been having prompted me to order a new PC export server tonight, so I should have a new faster (and more reliable) one up and running soon.


One more thing @sans7657 - you can always pop into Discord for support with exporting, a lot of times I’m in there and can respond more quickly.

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Thanks @grazer, btw, this is my first step to become a full time game dev (thats what I want to be when I grow up). The amount of support a person can get is incredible. For the kinda low 58 days since I joined flowlab, to right now, I have learned and had great experiences. My brother used this, but then told me he didn’t like it much. I decided to try it, and I loved it. Thanks for how much help you all gave me. Some special people that helped me along my way. @JR01, @Ramshacklegamestudios, @USERNAME55, @theglitch055, @MetaNinja, @spencertheball, @Cuts_ups, and probably the one everyone can appreciate, @grazer . Thank you so much!