I can tell you how to make a logo animation!!!

This might seem complicated, but once you know how to do it, it is very easy!!!

Logo animation: For this, the first level will be the logo animation, so when a player starts playing your game, they see the logo animation. First make the sprite of your logo, or upload one you made that’s downloaded, then go to animation and create a new one. After that, add frames and edit those frames into a cool animation. Then select that last frame and duplicate it a few times, a smaller delay number, more you have to duplicate. The player needs to see the logo for at least 2 seconds. Then go to DONE, select BEHAVIORS, then add a ONCE trigger, then a ANIMATION block, attach the once output to the PLAY input of the ANIMATION block, select the logo animation you made, turn off loop, then put in a NEXT LEVEL. Make sure you make a new level for the title screen, name that level TITLE, then go back to the logo’s behaviors, put the ANIMATION’S DONE output into the NEXT LEVEL’s GO input. Make sure the NEXT LEVEL block has the TITLE level selected, then test it out! When the logo’s animation is done, the title screen will popup!

There you have it! Have fun with your logo!

… Yep. That’s uh, that’s how you make a logo animation.


Dude you literally just took the script from my game and duplicated it in text format…

@meburningslime tbh though it’s a really simple algorithm, not that difficult to figure out…
@mtl144 no offence lol

Well he posted this 5 minutes after he looked at my game @browngr

oof yeah probably not a coincidence