I Can't Copy And Paste Music In My Games!

I Changing Up The Music In My
New Games Called The Bookmaster
I Trying To Put Music In Music Game
Just Copy And Paste In It!
Please Fix This Bugs grazer!

you have to have a certain file forget off the top of my head but it says, and then u might wanna use kiwi6 to get a link and then put it in then you will have to refresh the page.

The file MUST have the fallowing criteria:

-Must be a file on the web* - the URL must end with .mp3 *hosted on another site, such as Dropbox or as mentioned Kiwi6

The file CAN have:

-any size if allowed by said host -what ever you want as long as it's public domain

Me and my H3 XD

It Not Working!
I Just Press Right-Click On The Mouse
It Not Showing Up!
Still Not Working!

You don’t copy the file from your desktop buddy, you upload it to a host like kiwi6, and copy the direct hotlink

I Just Press Ctrl+V
I Got Music In My Games.