I can't open my game!

I worked hard on it, and even made youtube videos based off of it.
after changing something in a block, it started lagging and now i can’t load it.

link: https://flowlab.io/game/view/1533566

its not working for me either.

I’m gonna have to start from scratch if i can’t fix this.

Video of how it looked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOo5wwzXOiM&t=257s

It also doesn’t load for me.

You Must’ve made an infinite loop in the game, bad news it won’t even load on edit mode.

Best chance if for @grazer to remove this loop, or revert to yesterdays edit.

how do you revert to ‘yesterday’s edit’?

You can’t, Grazer has to do it

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How will that happen, i have a free user account, so no collabaration at all

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@Electronic_Studio Grazer Can Edit Any Single Game Without Permission

Oh alright, well that’s scary

Have you notified grazer yet?

grazer created flowlab, that’s why

He Would Only Do It If You Acually Ask

Where do i find him?

Just @ (Tag) His Name (He’s Not Online Alot.)

Okay, I’ll just create a topic tommorrow… It’s like 8:25 over here

like pixelknife31 said, but i think grazer is online a lot, just has a lot of notifications and things

This Already Is A Topic

i know but i think that will be weird?