I Challenge You

I challenge anyone here to see if they can make a working calculator. First one that submits it to me wins! There is no prize, just bragging rights! Have fun!

Edit: Let me correct myself. It must be an Abacus (digits) calculator. It should be able to do the following expressions. 5+5, 6-4, 8*9, 7-12, and 30/3
Also, it should be able to display the answer as well as do a random equation of my picking. The random equation may include addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division, and one and two digit numbers.

Let me know if you know for sure it is impossible, as of now i think it is.

You didn’t say the type of calculator, and I already made a Graphing Calculator.

@JR 01 Very impressive, but read the updated rules plese.

Eh the updated rules is asking for a simple calculator, I’ll give the opportunity to anyone else.
I’ll make a basic calculator if no one makes it after a week.

I’ll maybe, sometime later, make a modern calculator later with Squares, roots, absolutes, pi and decimals in the future.

@JR 01 I have a feeling your really good with flowlab.io I just started recently so i still dont know what it can do

I could make one but I am currently wasting all of my time on this trash

Sounds more like a homework assignement, lol :slight_smile:
Definitly possible as the others already stated. Why don’t you give it a go @PI_GYE_YT
If you are new to Flowlab a task like this is the best opportunity to learn. And everyone will help with advice for those areas where you get stuck.

GO GO GO, YOU CAN DO IT :slight_smile:

P.S to get you started and if you need icons, opengameart.org is always a good source.

P.S.S… lol
Considering that Flowlab only uses integers, the real challenge would be to make one that does floating point calculations.
Wouldn’t it?

(and still possible…)

lol @TinkerSmith, that’s why I put decimals into my list of functions.

Couldnt you do a decimal system real easy if you just multiplied every answer by 10 then added a decimal?

You could @meburningslime, but what if its small than .1,
or if you let the player input decimals problems.

For smaller than .1 you multiply by 10^{number of decimal places} and for decimal problems it just does the same.

By the way I reallllly want to know what you think of my game @“JR 01”
It’s not finished or even close

Not bad, but a lot can be done/added.
Also the description is making my window scroll right when trying use right arrow.

I also plan to make my own multiplayer game in the future inspired by (but ins’t) SCP.

Ok, will it be like blackout sl or cb?
Thanks btw

Just my own idea with some SCP inspiration in it

I mean survival, action or horror?

All of it, I’ll talk more about it at a later time.