I could use some help coming up with game ideas

I need Game Ideas which are unique, well-thought, and good… And probably an objective or something.


A game about escaping a digital computer. When you click a button it sucked you into there.
Now you have to solve puzzles to escape

that wouldnt be so fun

I should’ve been more detailed


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Anyway, dead. i will try that,

In this game you download random stuff.
Then you go into your computer to fight them.
You download a virus a video game app and a Medical app.
You click start.
You use the medical app to heal and fight characters from the video game and use the video game for weapons.
The virus will fight you to

Dont expect me not to do it alive.

uhhhhh dead im not that good with tapping and power ups code

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Oh, so you mean a simple game?
EZ Platformer but with some twists (You can add those twists)

no litteraly every game i made was a platformer smthn different

Top down

whats that (Heart Button)

Use an example from the help page for the movement

Top down games are like those games that move like:
Pokemon, Undertale, The Maps on super mario bros 3. That stuff

Ok i gtg cya

Ohhhh. i know how to do that. But if i collide with something it would not work

Like, if i collide with something code. It will not run

Search up random game genre generator if you don’t know what genre to build.

collisions do work with above view games, it just has to have all sides collisions active. also make sure that any enemies you might make arent solid cause otherwise when they go and hit you you go flying like knockback 100 in minecraft