I dont know what to call this

ever since porkys nightmare was halted ive been experimenting with different side projects to work on to pass the time, and heres an idea for something ive been working on for less than a day: your a space pilot who was recently recruited to join the imperial forces, on patrol you and your squad our ambushed and there ships get destroyed, leaving you the only survivor and only one with a ship that still stands. your forced to blast your way through an entire fleets to survive, you get paid depending on the amount of enemies killed and amount of civilian survivors
with this money you can get repairs and stronger lasers


I Love Your Creativity!


finished the first enemy: the strider
he will choose a random coordnite in the map to orbit around after short periods of time whilst firing at you making them a tough to hit… except if you know there weakness
when there hit they freeze for a short amount of time so you can finish them off

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aight just tested myself against about 5-6 striders with 1000 health and died pretty quickly lets see how it gos when I turn on there weakness

how much damage do you deal?

the striders have 50 health and you deal 2 damage (it is a bullet hell and you are rapidly shooting bullets)

just finished retesting and its much easier to kill now, just needs some more things to make them slightly easier to kill as the players final health is 100, 900 less than what I had