I don't know why the save feature isn't working. Please, someone fill me in!

I have all of the functioning objects set to Keep on Level Restart, and I have the save feature hooked up to every checkpoint. But for some reason, when I die and respawn, it goes back to the beginning. Why is this happening?

Saves are not ‘save states’, they are used to save a number (to a name) to use later.
You would load the (name to get the) number and make your own sets.


Message “save?” --> Extract --> X --> Save (X pos) --> Level (menu)
==============\–> Extract --> Y --> Save (Y pos)

When starting the level again

Once --> Load (X pos) --> Position (X)
====\–> Load (Y pos) --> Position (Y)

Hey, @“JR 01” ,Can you send me a screenshot of that please?
Oh, and thanks for answering in the first place as well. (=

Oh, I was just saying you were using saves wrong.
You need to name your save and put a number into it.
Basically this name = this number.

Also note this example only saves where you are, not what you do.
Which is what I meant saying they are not “save states”.

Here’s the picture for that example,
but I’ll also have a few example games to show how you can use saves



Here’s the example games I made for saves
Checkpoint Example:

Shop Example:


I must’ve done something wrong here;
Screenshot 2019-09-22 at 12.29.25 PM

The other design doesn’t work either?

What are you trying to do here?

Whats happening here is that your loading your last save…
If you never used the save, then it will shoot out a 0 which is why I put the filters there.

These filters prevent the player from teleporting to (0,0) on the map.

Oh, okay. I could’ve just used the checkpoint, now that I look at it, so that’s what I’ll do. Sorry! But this other information is extremely useful as well…