I don't understand (SOLVED!)

I’ve tried everything. I’ve looked through every object. SOMEHOW, something is creating twenty objects every now and then, and it’s causing my frame rate to plummet. I’m thinking it’s the crate, but I need some serious help, because something’s wrong here. @grazer is this a bug?
Link to game: Flowlab Game Creator - Mall Tycoon

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Yeah, game runs smoothly at first, then suddenly slows down a lot.

Unfortunately I’m still learning how to make things work myself, so I doubt I can be of any help… have you figured out where the objects are spawning to? Because as far as I can tell, there’s only one crate spawning at a time. Unless it’s creating invisible crates offscreen or something.

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This is what I found:

It isn’t a time problem, I played the game and it began to lag at around 194 seconds, I waited for 200 seconds for a second time and nothing happened.

It isn’t the number of customers, I played the game and I got to 7 customers before it began to lag, I repeated this and got to 10.

I went to check the creates and you were right, there’s something that sends multiple messages to the spawner.

I can find out what is sending it if you want but I think you should be able to handle it from here.


I even added a switch, but it isn’t working :sweat:

I sent the solution in the other discussion

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